FLAVOR SELLS!  Flavor ideas this month include:

Caramel Apple, Candy Apple, Blueberry, Marshmallow & Tangerine

Cotton Candy, Margarita (Lime,) and Lemon Drops are also very popular flavor.

  You need oil based flavors when making oil based projects.  You can blend flavors yourself.  For example, cherry, apple and a splash of cinnamon make "candy apple."  Pina Colada is Pineapple, Coconut & Rum in equal parts.  Ideally you can buy these flavors separate and make your own blends.  Coconut and Cherry is another awesome blend.  We make lotion and other bath and body products, and we do use the same flavor for them. The smell is great and we feel less chemicals than average street "fragrances."   You can also use flavor for making lip scrubs.  Click here for "Sugar Lips" all about making lip scrubs and lip scrub recipes.

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